The 17 Best Ways to Shred Fat & Upgrade Your Metabolism

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Want to lose fat rapidly?

We all naturally have the desire to improve our lives and find ways to be better and be healthier than we already are. Whether its obesity that is the problem, or the need to upgrade brain functioning, there are some super simple ways to shred fat and improve your metabolism.

  • Shiver yourself thin. Add ice cubes to your glass of water to speed up your metabolism by over 20%, drink it first thing in the morning for an extra fat loss kick.
  • Not an easy thing to do… but if you add vinegar to the water, then the acetic acid will help prevent your body from storing fat. Add a few tbsp to your water and suffer through the taste to start revealing that 6 pack.
  • Eating mustard has been shown to boost your metabolism by 20%, even 1 tbsp. Can deliver that extra fat loss kick.
  • Go green. Use a green tea supplement to raise your fat burning potential by over 30%. One pill is the equivalent of 10 cups of green tea, so if you don’t want to run to the toilet every 5 minutes, pop a tablet instead.
  • Regulate your blood-sugar control with a cinnamon tablet to help you control your appetite better. Pop one pill before a meal.
  • Go German and eat your sauerkraut. Fermented foods have been shown to reduce fat by up to 5% if eaten daily for 3 months.
  • Eat strawberries several times a week to reduce the chance of being fat, the flavonoids found in berries help to dilate your arteries and will aid in the clearing out of fatty build ups.
  • Try fasted training. If you want to burn up to 30% more fat, then wait until after your workout to eat. Consume BCAAs during your workout for energy and prevent fatigue.
  • Go outside and exercise in the cold. Exposure to the cold when exercising has been shown to stimulate the production of brown fat, which subsequently produces heat to help shed the fat up to 60% faster.
  • Add a little Italian flair to your meal and sprinkle some Basil over it. The herb has been shown to reduce your levels of cortisol, which will stop fat from being stored around your belly.
  • Ever wonder why Popeye was so lean? Well, it might be because spinach releases thylakoids help to slow down fat digestion. Not only that, but its high fiber content also helps improve the processing of fat.
  • A study carried out by the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Centre found that the addition of ½ a grapefruit to each meal led to an increase in fat loss for each participant over a 3-month study.
  • Pop a licorice extract pill before sleep to keep your metabolism raised throughout the night. As it is caffeine-free, it won’t affect your sleep but still provides you with the fat burning benefits of caffeine supplements.
  • Remember, don’t judge your progress by the scales, as you begin to exercise more you will increase muscle mass, even while losing weight, this can make you think your fat loss is plateaued. Focus instead upon images, take before, during, and after pictures.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. By sleeping 8 hours a night, you will double your fat loss progress when on a fitness routine.
  • Prep your meals in advance and store them in the fridge. By prepping in advance, you are bulletproofing your diet efforts as now you have no excuse to make poor food choices.
  • Don’t cut carbs completely, it will make it harder to stick to your diet. Instead, stick to a single portion per day, ideally consumed directly after or before a workout.

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