Eating to Become Superhuman

Baby eating

We all naturally have the desire to improve our lives and find ways to be better and be healthier than we already are. Whether its obesity that is the problem or the need to upgrade brain functioning, here are some super simple ways to improve your daily eating habits.

Dive into the post and choose what eating habits you want to stick to today.

  • Try switching out your chicken dish for some prawns if you’re looking to boost your vitamin D levels and increase your protein intake. On a per calories basis prawns pack more of a punch than chicken.
  • If you’re looking to improve brain function, then look no further than a spinach omelet. Eggs and spinach are both packed full of tyrosine which has been shown to sharpen cognitive abilities and in particular response time.
  • Make your skin look younger and brighter by having a few portions of sunflower seeds, they are brimming with vitamin E, which has been shown to help with skin issues.
  • Sweetcorn was found to increase your nutrient absorbance by over 40%, so add a portion of corn to your post-workout meal to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Vitamin C increases dopamine production to keep you happy all day long, so either get consuming a vitamin C supplement or try eating some orange segments as a snack.
  • Don’t watch television as you eat, studies have shown that eating while watching TV can up your caloric intake by as much as 300 calories.
  • If you’re looking to increase your stamina, then try adding beetroot to your diet. It has been shown to increase stamina by upwards of 15%, so now you just need to suffer through the taste of it.
  • If you’re eating curry or making one, go for one that is heavy on the turmeric. This spice is packed full of the chemical curcumin which has shown to help fight off dementia.
  • Increase your intake of fatty acids to improve brain functioning. Foods like salmon are packed full of omega-3 and will help improve learning and memory control, you can also try adding walnuts or chia seeds to further up the ante.
  • Add maca to your diet, it has shown promising results in increasing libido. An easy way to consume it is to add it to your morning porridge.
  • Testosterone hacking and boosting is all the rage for men these days, a great and simple way to raise your T levels is to consume pomegranate juices, it’s been shown to be an excellent way to boost your levels of free testosterone.

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