10 Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night

better sleep

We all naturally have the desire to improve our lives and find ways to be better and be healthier than we already are. Whether its obesity that is the problem, or the need to upgrade brain functioning, there are some super simple ways to enhance and improve your sleeping habits.

Dive into the post and choose what sleeping hacks you want to implement today.

1 Take naps often

Take a quick afternoon nap, as little as 20 minutes has been shown to boost energy levels (obviously), increase focus, increase productivity, and aid alertness. The real reason to have a quick nap, though is it will improve your sleep later that night.

2 Respect the sleep cycle

Aim to wake during a light sleeping phase as opposed to a deep sleep phase. Use an app such as Sleep Cycle to wake you at the perfect moment. This will improve your day’s productivity, not to mention you won’t feel groggy and hate getting out of bed.

3 Change your mattress

Haven’t replaced your mattress in a few years? It’s time to get to it. The Better Sleep Council found that seven years is how often you should be replacing your mattress if you want to protect your spine.

4 Take essential supplements

Take a Z.M.A. tablet 45 minutes before you go to bed to increase the amount of R.E.M. sleep you achieve.

5 Make a to-do list!

Write out your to-do list for tomorrow just before heading to bed. Creating your to-do list for the next day has been shown to aid the rate at which you fall asleep and is a great hack to end insomnia.

6 Avoid placing a TV in your bedroom

Don’t have a T.V. in your bedroom and don’t watch T.V. from the bed. By never watching T.V. in your bed, you will program your brain to associate your bed with sleep only (and sex 😍).

7 Sleep with socks

Sleep with socks on to fall asleep quicker, wearing socks regulates your blood temperature, allowing you to fall asleep faster and to improve sleep quality.

8 Stay positive

Tell yourself that you got a great sleep instead of complaining that you didn’t get enough sleep and you will convince your brain it’s true. Still, have the double espresso if you want it though.

9 Prepare for sleep

Do a quick tidy up, or put your clothes away before hitting the sack. The act of tidying up your bedroom before sleep releases endorphins that help to reduce stress, therefore, allowing you to fall asleep faster. Don’t go overboard and start a spring cleaning though, keep it short and straightforward.

10 Avoid screen light before bed

Don’t look at a screen before going to bed as it has been shown to affect sleep negatively. Switch off the laptop and set your alarm on your phone 30-60 minutes before heading to bed, then read a book or magazine before trying to sleep. If you need to work late at night, try the free software f.lux.

That’s it! If you’ve found this post valuable, share it with your friend and brighten their day! 😍